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About Ariënne...

Hi, I'm Ariënne. I am mother from a boy. I life near the Veluwe in province Gelderland, with our 3 dogs and 3 cats and I enjoy every minute of my life. I love walking, skating, bicycle in the nature. I like the history of old buildings and ♥ Castles, fortress, old Churches/Catheral and very old city places.

In the summer holidays whe travel with our campervan in Europe. While travel I like to see the culture and monuments, castles in the city's, whe love the nature. Whe like to travel and see a lot of things in one holiday.

I would like to see the hole world in my life, but I know it will not succeed. So if you can help me with a city view postcard & write things about which city, country you are from and what is really worth seeing in the area where you live. Than I'm very happy (^__^)
I do not like a empty postcard :(

Below you see my wishlist and the are just suggestions. I enjoy all type, seperate form of postcards, but particularly with:

✔ City-Vieuw, with text from the city, Multiple & Map cards
-Culture, Monuments, Old Buildings, Cathedral, Monastery, fortified city's and Castles, Schlossen, Burgen from Germany.
(like the La Cité de Carcassonne in South-France)
Unesco sites, Landscapes like: Ocean, Beach, Forest, Mountains, River, Waterfalls, Islands, National Parks, Volcano, Lake, Hills..etc Africa style like the big 5.

✔ Spirituel cards, like Angels, Chakra's, Energy's etc

Happy postcrossing!
Tot ziens, goodbye!

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