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About Chaira...

Hi there!

My name is Chaira. I just love to learn more about other countries and cultures and I love getting real mail so here I am!

At the moment I work at the Albert Heijn, a big supermarket that has buildings all over The Netherlands. I'm working on the bread and deli/cheese section. I've also graduated in Marketing&Communication. I'm now studying Social Work, which I really like.

My hobbies are:
- playing my bass guitar
- taking care of my dog Younah (she is a Shih Tzu)
- listening to music or watching movies
- playing Animal Crossing

I like:
- DISNEY !!!
- music, pop rock (Jonas Brothers are my favorite band ever)
- animals, especially sea turtles
- musicals, CATS is my favorite
- Lord of the Rings/ The Hobbit
- Eurovision Song Contest
- travelling
- Spain: I love myself some Paella or Sangria and I'm in love with the country

Postcards with or about the above would be awesome! I also like seeing cards from your pets, home town or other interesting buildings/cities in your country.

If you don't know what to write, these things I would love to hear from you:
- your favorite band/song and why
- what food that is typical for your country do you love the most?
- tell me about your pets or favorite animal
- what is your favorite movie?
- if you could say one thing to everybody in the world, what would it be?
- any fun/weird saying from your country
- teach me anything from your language!

I'm really looking forward to learn more about you or your country!

Groetjes (greetings),

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