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About CasSaintDenys...

I live on the Gulf of Mexico coast and I love the beach. (You can check out the beach at They have a live webcam of the beach that you can control.)

I enjoy reading, I watch a lot of movies, and I'm a certified Master Knitter (you can see some of my projects at

I was a working classical musician for over 20 years and I love opera.

I'm interested in any kind of postcard and I'd like to learn about something about the sender or the place where they live. Or tell me about a good book you have read recently, or your favorite movie, or the movie you can watch over and over again.

Or tell me a secret I promise I won't tell anyone!

A series of random facts about yourself is also a great option.

If you have any "weird" cards, or cards that make you think, "Why did I buy this card?", send them to me.

I'm also interested in:

-Art reproductions
-Alphonse Mucha cards
-Arthur Rackham art cards
-Lantern Press Poster cards
-Classical music/opera
-Holiday themed cards (Halloween, Christmas, New Year's, or any local holiday)

US Postcrossers - if you have a postcard of your state's capitol building, I would love to add it to my collection.

Still not sure what postcard to send? I've added a month-by-month suggestion list:

January - New Year, new beginnings
February - Maps
March - Spring
April - Flowers
May - Asian art
June - Blue
July - Holidays
August - Sunsets, moon, sky, stars
September - Autumn
October - Spooky, Halloween
November - Thanksgiving, birthday
December - Christmas, Hanukkah, Solstice, seasonal celebrations

If you don't know what to write, just tell me a couple of random facts about yourself.

1st card sent - to Germany
100th card sent - to Sweden
200th card sent - to Germany
300th card sent - to Germany
400th card sent - to the Netherlands
500th card sent - to Wales
600th card sent - to USA
700th card sent - to China
800th card sent - to Slovakia

1st card received - from France
100th card received - from UK
200th card received - from China
300th card received - from Germany
400th card received - from Estonia
500th card received - from UK
600th card received - from the Netherlands
700th card received - from the Netherlands
800th card received - from Greece

Added note on January 25, 2017:
While POSTCROSSING should not be about political issues, I am compelled to state that I do not support Donald Trump, or his messages of hate, racism, misogyny, and lies. Love, equality, kindness, and honesty are more powerful.

Added November 10, 2018:
I would like to express my disgust that Donald Trump did not attend the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I because it was raining. My apologies to the world for his outrageous, boorish behavior.

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