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About Brenda...

Apa kabar? I live in a sun soaked city with more than 9 millions inhabitants, Jakarta.

I am an avid reader, movie-tv series and music enthusiast. Currently I am hooked with this amazing Q and A website, Quora:

Please recommend me your fave books/movies/music. Postcards related to those three are always welcomed!

My fave kind of postcards and stamps are the ones that feature famous people and world's leaders.

My favorite musician is The Beatles so that would be great if you can send me their postcards (my fave Beatle is John but any Beatle postcard always puts a smile on my face. Who's your fave Beatle?). In May 2015 I just checked one of my bucket lists by watching Paul McCartney's concert in Seoul, South Korea. Best moment ever!

I also collect stamps so please put various stamps if possible.

Here's my wishlist:

*Royal family
*Indigenous people
*Traditional costumes
*Something amusing and witty
*Landmarks and tourist attractions
*Famous paintings and iconic pictures
*Classic photograph of your town or country
*Famous people: leaders, musicians, movie stars, painters, authors, etc
*Postcards in my favorite list

Anything that represents your country (architecture, native people, traditional ceremony, tourist attractions, foods, culture) would be perfect.

You can write to me about your favorite musicians, movies, books, last movie you watched, your fave Beatle, current political situation, what makes you happy, or some trivia about your country. I like random things! You can also ask me a question, I'd answer the question when I register the card.

Looking forward to your cards!

P.S: I'll be traveling to Europe (Vienna, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Prague) in September until mid October. If you have any recommended places, I'd be happy to hear your suggestions!