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About Brenda...

My name is Brenda and I was born in Canada but only lived their for three months and now I live in the middle of the Netherlands in a town called Veenendaal. My age is 62 years.
I'm married, have two kids and two Yorshire Terrier dogs.
My hobby's are: nordic walking, origami, bridge, crochet, swimming and also I like our small fiat 600 car, embroidery on the sewing machine, Quilting.
My husband likes to fly in his glider.

PLEASE IF YOU SEND ME A CARD FROM MY FAVORITE LIST, PLEASE PLEASE ..... LOOK AT...... that are the cards that I already received.
Here are some hints what kind of postcards I like especially:
- puffed dress
- Textile: knitting, crochet, embroidery,sewing, needlework, crafts, quilt https:
- Collect cotton fabric for Patchwork/Quilting
- Vogue
- tea related cards (cup/teapot)
- people reading a book
- origami (from Japan)
- Hedgehogs, Chicken, Sheep, Yorkshire Terrier
- Tausendschön
- glider/sailplane
- hot air balloons
- Betty Boop
- bird houses
- Amish
- Cucu-clocqs
- Pola Card
- from Finland: please KAJ STENVALL, Inge Löök
- Inge Löök, still missing Aunties: nr 39, 53,54,63, 67,68,69,70
- Inge Löök, still missing Garden: 101 t/m 108, 111,112,113, 115, 117,118,119,121
- Inge Löök, still missing Christmas: 201 t/m 227 (have nr. 224)
- Marie Cardouat
- Marie-Anne Foucart
- Mila Marquis
- Silke Leffler
- Canada (only specials things)
- Correspondances
- Laundry
- Fiat 600 car
- Postboxes and postrelated
- Jukebox
- Coca Cola
- shoes (love high heels), gumboots, hats, handbags
- people who dance the tango,salsa, ballroom, rock and roll
- handicrafts (only the nicely made )
- I have my own blog
- flowers only poppy
- Japanese Gotochi cards
- Matroesjka's / Baboesjka's / Geisha's
- Multiples Nouvelles Images
- Maxi Cards: These maximum cards, as they are often known, are postcards that feature an image (a monument, animal, event, etc) along with a stamp of a very similar or related image on the picture side of the card.

Please write a little bit more, than only "Happy Postcrossing"or only the ID....
Don't feel like writing ? Draw me something :-)

If there is text on the postcard please translate it in english (at the back)

I DO NOT LIKE: tourist city view, NO multi-view and NO buildings cards, season cards (x-mas, easter etc.) and cheap looking cards. If you don't have the perfect card for me than close your eyes and pick any card, it's fun.

Please put the ID at two places on card so that I always can read the ID.

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