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About BojanaT...

Greetings kind stranger(s)!

I am an ever-curious, food- loving, enthusiastic traveler girl from a picturesque town in Macedonia. I enjoy baking, bohemian jewelry, magnets and collecting people's thoughts. If you want to have a sense of what I look like, picture a curly-haired, chubby cheeks and wide-smile girl, with bubbly personality. Human nature is an exquisite phenomenon I like to explore as I go by on life, so please feel free to share a piece of your mind. I collect positive vibes through the written word as well, so any random thoughts, facts, recipes, observations, opinions or just a happy childhood memory is more than welcome so I can get to experience a partition of your true self.

I profoundly love illustrated cards with trees, plants, nature, books and other cute characters. So if you can send me an illustrated one, I would cherish it very much! Please DON'T send me handmadе, landscape, anime or ad cards.

I would love to see your true colors, so please don't hesitate to reflect them. Cheers and never stop chasing the dream! 🙂

PS: I would more than love to exchange postcards with anyone. The more exchanges, the merrier the joy will be. Please take into consideration that due to COVID-19 I can send postcards to a limited list of countries at the moment!

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