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About Rebecca...

My name is Rebecca, I'm 27 years old and I am an administrator. I love to travel and though I've only been to Europe and North America I plan to increase my radius at some point.

I especially like postcards with:
- American travel (American Cars, Pan Am planes, old American airlines)
- Animals (Cats, mice, dogs, and wild animals such as tigers, lions, polar bears etc).
- Titanic
- Boats
- Maps
- Beautiful landscape
- Nature (sea, mountains, waterfalls, sunsets ...)
- Interesting buildings
- City view (single or multi)
- War - particularly soldiers and world war 1-2 etc.
- Reichstag
- Planets and stars (astronomy)
etc. =)
- I'm really interesting in psychiatry and love postcards of old hospitals (particularly mental hospitals or prisons) as I am interested in forensic psychology.
- Catholicism - I am not a religious person but I find the Catholic faith a really interesting subject (old and new).
- Horror
- Old vintage motels
- Vera Farmiga
- I don't understand the hate for handmade cards so I love to receive these!

I also don't mind if the postcard is not in English - even though I can only read English I like to see other languages.

Things I'd rather not receive:

Ad cards (Unless they relate to one of the above)
Disney (other than old Disney like Lady and The Tramp etc)
Vampires/Gothic (unless it's horror related)
Please don't just send cards in an envelope - I showcase all my cards so I prefer to have them stamped and written on (even if you don't know what to say just put 'Hi')

About Me:

I love reading, writing, tv & movies, Star Wars, travelling, nature, video games, animals etc.

My favourite tv/book/movie genre is horror: (favourite movie is Star Wars empire strikes back but I love the conjuring, insidious, Friday the 13th etc, favourite shows are The Man in the High Castle, The Goldbergs, Bates Motel, Nashville, Hannibal, scream, the walking dead. My favourite books are Agatha Christie's and then there were none' and John Grisham's 'a time to kill'.

My favourite music genre is country (favourite singers are Tim McGraw and my favourite group is Little Big Town).

My favourite places that I have been to are Luzern, Engelberg, Monument Valley, Paris, Rouen, Krakow, Germany.

I really want to go to Australia, and Nashville and next year I am going to South Africa.

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