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  • 27th January

About Nina...


I'm Nina, a biology student from the Netherlands. I love nature, specifically animals behaviour, taking pictures, drawing, and doing random things with friends!
~I look forward to sending and receiving cards to/from all over the world!

I think your message and your words are more important than the postcard's picture. I would love to hear all kinds of stories. You can tell me about your day, your work/education, your hobbies, anything you'd like! You could even tell me a nonsense story about unicorns and flying panda's if you'd like :)

You can also write a card to my boyfriend (who doesn't have his own account yet), he likes to read about a tiny part of your life, like what you did today or your future plans. Oh, and he's a huge star wars fan!

As I said, your message means more to me than the cards picture, but I do have some suggestions:
-Animals (elephants, penguins, corgis, pandas, alpacas, ...)
-Other nature scenes (yay, biology!)
-Science stuff (again: yay, biology!)
-TV shows (Friends, NCIS, New Girl, House, I watch a lot of American tv series, so you almost can't go wrong with this)

You can also take a look at my "favorite postcards" to get some more inspiration.

I have one small request: could you write me something in your native language? This can be one funny word, a nice quote, or just the whole postcard (I could use google translate or just look at awesome foreign scribbles).

Happy postcrossing! :D

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