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Ayrlin, Switzerland


(or Natasha) is a member in Switzerland . She has been a member for over 2 years (1,055 days).
330 sent 331 received

  • Distance sent: 684,959 miles
  • Last seen: 1 day ago
  • Languages: русский, english, deutsch
  • Birthday: 2nd April
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Lat: 47.29, Lon: 8.54 | Google Maps

About Natasha...

My name is Natasha (or Ayrlin).
I'm from Russia (Syberia), but now I live in Switzerland because of my husband's work.
I learn languages (English, German, Japanese), read, travel, draw, send postcards and letters. I have a very beautiful Bengal cat named Liner.

I will be happy with every (almost) postcard. But please write something on the back. The most interesting thing in Postcrossing is to read your messages. A boring card can become awesome if it has an interesting story on the back.
I like views cards, but just a view is boring. Please write something about this place. What is it? Why do you like it? About a trip from which you have brought this card. Something!
And I always like more postcards with drawings, not photos.

I really don't like:
1. 18+
2. smth related to fashion
3. photos of unknown places (if you don't know anything about it)

If you want to make my day you can choose something from the list.

I collect:
1. Drawing of cats (no photo, please)
I already have a lot of postcards with cats (and I want more ^^), so I have a cat-cards-album. If you don't want to send smth, that I already have, you can check this album.
1a. Cat Breeds by Marianna Sztyma (
2. Postcrossing postcards (I like especially cards from Postcrossing Meetups but not only )
3. Postcards about different lands and languages (maybe some words, phrases or alphabet.)
3a. the Greetings from...( cards (I already have Austria, Italy, Ireland, USA) - they are really amazing!
4. Maximum card (if you don't know: it isn't big card, it is card with stamp and pictures in stamp and card are related)
5. postcard by Lena Gnedkova
6. Gotochi cards from Japan
7. series: Continents, Dog Breeds

I also like this types of cards:
5. Illustration from books (but please, no photo from movies, they are not interesting for me)
6. Anime (Miyazaki - cards with his anime are perfect! - but I like other too). I also like everything related to Japanese culture.
7. Old-printed cards. 1980? Good. 1950? Amazing! But not reprints.
8. Self-made cards. Not self-print. Something that you make by your hand. It is always interesting. Self-draw is the best.
9. with something cute or magical

HAPPY POSTCROSSING! And thank you for reading my profile.


Если вы говорите по-русски, то можете писать мне на русском. Мне очень приятно получать открытки на родном языке, тем более, что с английским я не очень дружу. :) Предпочитаю обращение на ты. :) Русская версия моего ника - Айрлин.


Ich lerne Deutsch. Wenn Deutsch Ihre Muttersprache ist, schreiben Sie bitte Deutsch


I learn Japanese, but I still understand only a little. If you can write me something easy in Japanese I will be happy!