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Ayrlin, Switzerland


(or Natasha) is a member in Switzerland . She has been a member for over 2 years (883 days).
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  • Distance sent: 545,271 miles
  • Last seen: 4 months ago
  • Languages: русский, english, deutsch
  • Birthday: 2nd April
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Lat: 47.29, Lon: 8.54 | Google Maps

About Natasha...


My name is Natasha, but I like more when people call me Ayrlin.
I was born in small town in Syberia near to Baikal lake. I studied math in Moscow for 6 years but I was disappointed in math in common (but still like some parts), so I dropped my university and decided to be a painter and make videogames. Now I'm living in Zurich, Switzerland because my husband works here.

I like cats, music (playing guitar a bit and singing (a lot)), reading, travelling, cats, photography, Japanese culture (anime, dramas, music, cosplay, nekos). I like cute and nice drawing (but not photos). I hope I didn't forget anything (like the cats).

I like postcard with:
0. My new love: drawings of giraffe (please, no photo).
1. Illustrations from books (Harry Potter (but not from movies!), Alice in Wonderland, Daddy-Long-Legs, Little Prince, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz - these are the best, but I like other too).
2. Anime (Miyazaki - cards with his anime are perfect! - but I like other too).
3. Drawing of cats (no photo, please)
I already have a lot of postcards with cats (and I want more ^^), so I have a cat-cards-album. If you don't want to send smth, that I already have, you can check this album.
4. Maximum card (if you don't know: it isn't big card, it is card with stamp and pictures in stamp and card are related)
5. Old-printed cards.
6. Nichtlustig
7. Selfmade cards

Cards with views are OK, but only if you can tell me something about this view. It is very boring to see view without any understanding about what it is and why it is on the card. I would like to know something about it.



I want to find penpals. So if I wnat to exchange letters with me - just write me a message.


SWAPS. Please, read before ask me about swap.

I want to swap only for postcards. I don't send coins or banknote. Tea-bags - I don't send them too. It is not made of paper, and I can't send it in letter.
I write it because a lot of people ask me about swap for coins and banknotes.
And I don't want to receive in swap view-cards.

My swap-albums:


Если вы говорите по-русски, то можете писать мне на русском. Мне очень приятно получать открытки на родном языке, тем более, что с английским я не очень дружу. :) Предпочитаю обращение на ты. :) Русская версия моего ника - Айрлин.


Ich lerne Deutsch. Wenn Deutsch Ihre Muttersprache ist, schreiben Sie bitte Deutsch