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My name is Joanna and I live in Bytom, a city located in the Upper Silesia region - southern Poland. I work as a university librarian and share my flat with two cats and one husband.

I like books (my favorite genres are fantasy and science fiction, but I read almost everything), musicals, dogs (dachshunds are the best!), cats, tabletop games, hiking, camping, riding a bike and playing the ukulele.

I am also an active Scout leader. :)

I would be very happy with any nice card you send me, but I like animals or nature cards more than city views. You can also try to find something of the following, but of course these are only suggestions:

- cards related to the Scout Movement (people, campfires, tents, Robert Baden-Powell)
- books, librarians, libraries, bookshelves, writers and reading people
- wild animals from your country, especially badgers and hedgehogs
- Japanese culture and traditions
- Moomins ♥ The Beatles ♥ Star Wars
- dogs (especially dachshunds, but I like them all)
- farm animals (pigs, cows, horses, sheep etc.)
- Multiples by Nouvelles Images
- fantasy/mythology creatures and graphics
- forests, meadows, trees, fields
- famous musicals
- tea and coffee
- colorful and very green cards (green is my favorite color)
- pin-up girls or 1920s fashion
- cactuses

But remember, any REAL card from YOUR country is good and I would be glad to receive it!

I like my cards written and stamped (without envelopes). I only prefer not to get folded cards and pieces of food package.