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About Ash...

Hi! My name's Ash, I'm 19-years-old, and I live in the heart of Ireland with my elderly cat, Jenni. 🐈

So, a bit about me. My hobbies and interests include - reading, writing, blogging, daydreaming, photography, penpalling, listening to music (\m/), making postcards (it hurts me when people say handmade postcards aren't "real" 😢), history, mythology, collecting stamps and postcards, watching things (documentaries, YouTube, movies, series, etc.), journaling, hiking, the paranormal/Supernatural, etc. I'm childfree, an atheist, and pro-animal rights. 🙂

❤️My favourite postcards are/contain❤️
- typical tourist cards
- cards with the name of the country/region/town they're from
- cards of where you live
- 'greetings from' cards
- Postallove
- Lantern Press
- coconuts 🥥 (I'm a bit obsessed with those!) or peaches
- famous places/things
- rural scenes (small villages, small farms, cottages, etc.)
- anything USA (I'm in love with the country!)
- anything Ireland (especially our west coast)
- anything related to the ocean (the water, ships, fish, seafood, etc.)
- aviation/planes/airports
- anything historical (museums, artefacts, buildings, monuments, etc.)
- flags and maps
- nature and/or wildlife (especially horses, cats, or wild birds)
- mythology (especially Norse)
- pretty scenery/views
- any holiday/celebration cards (and birthday cards in October)
- military
- abandoned buildings
- spooky stuff (ghosts, demons, etc.)
- heavy metal, rock, blues, folk musicians/bands
- Coronavirus
- "Supernatural" or "Anne with an E" (my favourite TV shows)
- food/recipes
- postcards in my "favourites" folder (I haven't received them, I just really like them)

What to write? Very simple - tell me about you, your life, the postcard, where you live, etc.! I love checking out people's blogs, so if you have one, be sure to let me know! ❤️

Feel free to use an envelope if you want. I also love collecting things like stamps, stickers, brochures, used tickets, receipts, tea, anything like that from abroad!

Cheers! 😁
[please *NO* children, politics, animal abuse, nudity, Irina Zeniuk, Inge Look]

[I'm sorry, but I won't register a postcard I haven't received]

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