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About Maria...

Hi, I'm Exorya and I'm a storyteller+poet+singer=smth. like a bard), gamer and healer (I work in the intensive care unit). I have slider turtle Ara(gorn), newt Slaan, fishes, shrimps and crab and had cute rabbit Rufus (RIP my little friend), and now have new fellow rabbit Sky. I love reading and writing my own stories and poems, singing, listening music, travelling and collecting nice things, trying to draw.

I love fantasy and fantastic, space, north mythology, unicorns, dragons, gryfons, elves, mermaids and other mythologyc creatures (unicorns more that all)), reading books (T. Prattchett is great!), animals, computer games and other things)

I like postcards with:
- maxicards
- animals (wild is better. for example, I love hedgehogs, snow leopards, horses, deers, thrito and lizards (and other nice animals)), many kind of birds (falcons, penguines, magpies (because of this bird my surname was formed)), ravens, kakapo, apteryx) and fishes, sea animals. Bees and butterflies :3 maybe you can send me some animals typical for your country and telling me about it, or some of your favorite animals
- nature - from northern fjords to desert and hot tropics
- space theme (and Gagarin, Star Wars (1-6), Mass Effect)
- fantasy theme (aspecially Discworld, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Witcher and RPG PC games (TES, Warcraft))
- Ghibli studio movies
- cartoons (How to train your dragons - aspecially twins is awesome, Trollhunters) and book covers from fairytales and Pirates of the Carribean Sea (Jack Sparrow)
- mythology, I`m big fan of north mythology but love greec, slav and egypt too. maybe you can tell about the mythology of your nation
- well-known arts
- birthday cards in October
- Christmas and New Years cards in season (I`m big fan of Ney Year, Yule and Christmas)
these are all things that will make me the happiest owner of the postcard, but of course you can send whatever you want :) but please no AD cards.
I like postcards with beautiful stamps, but if you don't have them, that's okay ^^

you may decorate the card with stickers and tapes, draw something or send it in an envelope by attaching a coin, calendar or anything that you would like to share with me

Tell me smth interesting about you and your country :) write me smth in your native language (little part with translate) and, if you can this phrase: "Могущество воли - лучшая дань уважения предкам" (on cyrillic)) or "Hominis est errare" :) I`m interested in the culture of other countries, especially in ancient times. Maybe you can tell me a little about your.

I worked in the red zone of the covid19 intensive care unit and would be grateful for stamps on the topic of combating this disease, if you have similar ones. <3

I understand only Russian and English, please write your message in English or Russian only!
Sorry I don`t register postcard if I don`t recived it.

hugging you ^^

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