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Latest addendum: I have began working on a friendship scarf, initially inspired by Marina's Scarf of Friendship introduced by the blog - and later by Tinangel13 who is also working on a friendship scarf. So, if you have extra yarn (wool, cotton, acrylic etc.), please send me a piece with the postcard in an envelope. When the scarf is ready I will change my profile picture so that you all can see the scarf. Thank you so much! ♥


I am a Finnish postcard enthusiast and a nature loving geek lady with four cats - and also a human family. I first begun postcrossing after a couple of my dear friends had told me about its delights and after inheriting my mother's rather sizable postcard collection. Of course, that postcards collection is nowadays even bigger and many a card wait to be sent. I love receiving postcards, but for me even more important is to send postcards which would be a happy surprise to the recipient.

Indeed, I am very geeky. I love fantasy and science fiction literature, movies and tv series. My favourites include Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Hunger Games and especially LOTR... I am also a video gamer and a role playing gamer. I love stories, in any form they may come.

Being a plant biology student in the University of Helsinki, I find plants, animals and all the other things related to nature fascinating.

I love all the postcards I have received so far, so, dear postcard sender, please do not feel any stress. You can send me anything but if you want to especially cater to my interests, I love the following themes:

* Owls (these I collect especially)
* Any kind of birds
* Insects
* Plant, tree and flower cards
* Animals of any kind
* Teapots, tea cups, tea
* Dragons, fairies and other fairytale creatures
* Vampires, werewolves and other fairytale monsters
* Movies, tv series, video games
* Cooking, baking, food, cupcakes and receipies
* Vintage and retro cards, both original and reprints
* Knitting, crocheting and crafts
* Books, reading, libraries
* All kinds of animals, especially cats
* Clocks, clockwork things, steampunk
* Cute cartoon characters
* Anime and manga
* Book illustrations
* Self made cards
* Ad cards
* Colour green
* Those odd postcards you have not yet find a recipient for
* Religious/Atheist cards - all religions and forms of atheism included
* Halloween cards, no matter the time of the year

During holidays and celebrations I would LOVE to receive special holiday cards, no matter which holiday or celebration is in question. Here in Finland we celebrate Christmas, New Year, Easter and Midsummer - but I am also very interested in all other kinds of celebrations.

My birthday is in June, so if you wish to send a birthday card I will be very much delighted.

Greetings from Finland! ♥


P.S. If I have not registered your postcard within 45 days, please send me a message and I will register it. Someties postcards just disappear. It is not you