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*July 30th, 2020:
I started a youtube channel with my cousin, she thinks it's just for fun, but I'm mainly doing this to help her battle depression and improve her mental state but teaching her how to be happy again despite all that life has thrown at her. Youtube name: baysyc


My name is Anuradha and I live on a small island called Trinidad which most of you may not know existed.. Most people assume I am Indian because of my name but I was neither born in India nor my parents nor their parents and I do not have any known relatives in India. The British brought people from India and Africa and even China over 174 yrs ago to Trinidad to work and some stayed. This eventually led to the population of Trinidad and Tobago. We are one country made up of two islands and contains many races, cultures, religions all living together as one.... We call it the twin islands of the Caribbean.

I also have a stamp and coin collection and I send my country's coins/ banknote in the envelope with the letter and a souvenir postcard hoping that the receiver would send the coins and a banknote of his/her country.

***(If you want to send coins... Please use tape to stick the coins to the paper to prevent it from being detected/heard during delivery).

*** if your country has its own banknote, I would love to receive one. Even the one of smallest value would be precious to me.

***Kindly send postcards in envelope so I can cut out the stamps from the envelope for my stamp collection or if you are willing to send additional stamps for my collection would be greatly appreciated! 😍

Want to know more about me.. And my country? How about a coin or stamp exchange??? 😃 Kindly write to me 😊.

Types of postcards that I like:
~Historical places
~Tourist places
~ Famous People in history
~Traditional costumes
~Postage stamps
~World's famous buildings and natural phenomena
~Eiffel Tower
~Statue of Liberty
~Great Wall,
~Niagara Falls,
~Northern Lights..

~ All Postcard World Explorer Series
~ All Flags of the World Series (FOTW)
~ All Maps of the World (MOTW)
~ Icons of Countries Series
~ Greetings from Series

And any other postcard from your country would be appreciated! And I really like multiview postcards of places or historical buildings😊


If you wish to send me a letter/postcard like a penpal without me knowing.. Please be sure to include your address and your profile name and I will definitely send one back to you. My mailing address is as follows:

Anuradha Mahadeo
#1254Tabaquite Road,
Rio Claro,
Trinidad and Tobago,

*******if I promised you a swap and you haven't received it in 3 weeks, please message me again and enquire about it. I get alot of swaps and I don't want to forge

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