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About Antonia...

My name is Antonia, I am 36 years old and I am from Athens, Greece but I live in the UK with my husband and our two kids; a girl and a boy.
I am, a working mom, that loves traveling, baking, blogging, cats and snail mail. I have no particular preferences for the theme of the postcard that you will send me as long as it is not offensive, racist or family inappropriate.
It would also be great if you could write a little bit of something about yourself, the place you live, what's on the postcard, your hobbies, your favorite book, movie, food...

March and December are two very important months for me, as my kids have their birthdays! So, I would love to receive mom-themed cards during these months!

Nordbaer, a fellow postcrosser, had a brilliant idea, which I decided to put in action too but if you don't like it then just follow the usual procedure.
If you have a friend or relative you would like to surprise by sending him a postcard, you can do the following:

1. Instead of selecting a card for me, pick a card from which you think your friend would like.
(please, only standard 12 x 22 cm, no folded greeting cards or square cards; if you send such a card, I am afraid I won't forward it)
2. Write on this card only the address of your friend (in the lower right corner) and send it to me in an envelope.
3. Attach a note with the postcard-ID and anything you want to write.
4. As soon as I get your envelope, I will register the ID and send the card to your friend with some surprise greetings.
5. This is just one of my silly spontaneous ideas, if you don't like it, send a card as usual...:-)
6. This offer is only for those people who have drawn my address for an official ID - sorry, I cannot afford more...

Thank you all!

PS. If you enjoy sending happy mail as much as I thing you do, then consider sending a postcard to

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