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About Anton...

Hello everyone!

My name is Anton, and I'm 18.
Just a few words about me. I'm on my second year at Atlantic College, one of the UWC colleges around the world, in Wales. I come from Russia and I used to live in Sakhalin, the Russian island located next to The Pacific Ocean, for my entire life.
I love biology, chemistry and literature. In my spare time I play intellectual games (for example, "What? Where? When? "), read curious books and watch incredible movies. It's difficult for me to live without music and good people who surround me. I'm thinking on becoming a doctor or a teacher. I haven't decided yet. If you have any thoughts about this, please, share them with me.

I like to receive cards that show:
*animals (especially cats and hedgehogs!)
*berries (no flowers!)
*any s-t-r-a-n-g-e things or people (especially with kids!)
*white-and-black postcards (with people ones are great!)
*purple colour (my favourite one; don't make a mistake choosing pink)
*Christmas and New Year card (during a winter season)
*boys and girls (or only boys, or only girls!)
*"clever" or "philosophical" cards (probably, with interesting quotes)
I'm sorry, but I don't really like tourist cards or landscape cards, so if possible, send me something else. But if there aren't any other types of cards in your country, it's ok. Thank you for your understanding.

Tell me your favourite songs. I would like to hear about your day or just teach me a few words in your own language. Please write something about your character and hobbies, anything that you'd like to share with me (impressions, interesting or funny events, everyday affairs, something that makes you happy or anything else). I'll be grateful if you advise a good book or movie. Write the date on your card. It's interesting to know how long the card was on its way. Beautiful stamps are also very welcome.

If you are sending your postcard in an envelope, please, include some small item inside such as first page of newspaper, coin, bus ticket or anything else like that. I would really appreciate it! By the way, I would like to advise you to send postcards in an envelope :) They get ruined very strongly on their way.

I have my birthday on November, 12th and I would be happy to receive a happy birthday card:)

So...Surprise me!!!

I wait for your postcards!

Thank you:)

P.S. - I put my address on the envelope to be sure for card's safe traveling. It doesn't mean I ask you for a "Thank You" card back.

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