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Annimanni, Finland


(or Annamari) is a member in Finland . She has been a member for over 11 years (4,210 days).
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  • Languages: Finnish, English, Estonian, Swedish, Russian, German, Italian, Spanish
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Lat: 60.21, Lon: 24.65 | Google Maps

About Annamari...

I live in Espoo with my husband. I'm a journalist, currently on maternity leave. Our son was born on 19 March 2009.

I collect postcards and have a long list of themes/motives I adore (see below), but I promise I'll appreciate whatever you choose for me!

You can also take a peek at my Flickr favourites:

- pink, purple and turquoise view cards
- spectacular scenery
- colourful houses
- doors, windows, gargoyles and other architectural details
- strange tourist attractions
- London, New York, Paris, the Greek isles, California
- big letter cards

- traditional costumes and masks
- closeups
- mothers with children; children in general
- paintings of women
- famous people, esp. Barack Obama, Ewan McGregor, Nicole Kidman, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor
- pin-up girls
- dancers
- B&W

- closeups of animals and flowers
- paintings and sculptures of cats
- cats (closeups, b&w or seen from afar, e.g. on a window sill)
- parrots, hummingbirds, peacocks, flamingos, other colourful birds
- wild animals, esp. big cats (lions, tigers etc.), marine life, creepy creatures, elephants and other African animals, bears, wolves, otters
- tulips, cactus plants, native plants
- sand

- closeups of objects
- cards that are predominantly of one colour, esp. pink!
- very colourful cards
- anything to do with music: people singing and playing music, choirs, instruments, notes
- anything to do with crafts or gardening
- books, newspapers, magazines etc. (incl. portraits and homes of authors, people reading, libraries)
- alphabet and other language-related cards
- anything related to Jane Austen and L.M. Montgomery
- the peace movement, human rights, feminism, anti-racism etc.
- gods, goddesses, mythological creatures, fairies and other fantasy figures
- food and recipes, cafés, bars, pubs
- tea, coffee, wine, champagne and cider related cards (incl. vineyards etc.)
- children's book illustrations, cartoons/comics and other fun/cute drawings
- murals, graffiti, mosaics, tapestries
- prints, designs and patterns
- indigenous art
- vintage (old) ads
- signs (street signs, neon signs, information signs etc.)
- national symbols (incl. flags), Americana
- bicycles
- shoes & fashion
- candles & lanterns
- old typewriters & other writing instruments
- hearts

And here are some names to give you even more ideas:
Tushita, Inkognito, Fairmail, Fotofolio, Nouvelles Images, Etsy, Pablo Picasso, Joan Miro, Edward Hopper, Tamara de Lempicka, Norman Rockwell, Virpi Pekkala, Mauri Kunnas, Julia Vuori, Mark Ryden, The Black Apple, Shinzi Katoh, Virkkukoukkuset, Maisa & Kaarina, Viivi & Wagner, Anne Taintor, Hello Kitty, French Kitty, Betty Boop, Disney, Asterix