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About Mikaela...

Please read my profile before sending a card or a request, thanks! :)

I'm Mikaela and I was born and raised here in the autonomous region Åland, which belongs to Finland, and you'll find it in the Baltic Sea. I love the sea and couldn't live without it! Swedish is our official language, not Finnish, and we only have one official 'city' called Mariehamn.

I'm 32 and currently living with my boyfriend and our cats. I work as a merchandiser & teamleader in a department store. I like cats, reading, snail mail & my pen pals, tea and watching my favourite films and TV-series. I'm a big fan of music; punk, ska, dub, old rock bands, blues & acid rock, some indie, some grime, all kinds of heavy & industrial/electronic metal. I also like taking long walks, spending time at our summer cabin, learning new languages (currently studying Arabic), discussions about feminism, castles, medieval & Tudor history, photography, sunny winter days & snow, autumn, travelling to Greece, the UK & London (where I spent 3 years at University), decorating, gardening etc. I'd still like to travel more.

I like colourful and pretty postcards of:
* Unique places and beautiful landscapes
* Beaches & paradise islands
* Fields, lakes & mountains
* Cityscapes
* Architecture (cathedrals, castles, temples, famous buildings)
* Things that represent your country or city

I'm not crazy about art and drawings, sports, zoo or ad cards; I am here for cards that represent the beauty of countries and cities. I have way too many cat cards and artsy postcards already.

PLEASE HELP ME WITH MORE CARDS FROM THE USA AND SOUTH/LATIN AMERICA? :) They don't have to be sent from the original country. I am trying to collect all the American States! I believe I am still missing Delaware. I love landscape cards with the state name on them.

It's up to you whether you mail them written and stamped, or written in an envelope, I don't care about the stamps. I like to receive cards in envelopes; they are cleaner and undamaged. I don't swap money or stamps.

Here is my collection and some postcards from Åland I have previously sent:
My new album:

I unticked the "private swap" box because I receive so many requests and I'm afraid I don't have enough money or time. But if asked nicely, I might be able to send a card from Åland for your collection anyway.
No more private swaps from Germany, Czech Republic, Russia or China please. I've received so many cards from these countries.

If a card travelling to me is about to expire, please let me know and I can register it for you anyway! If my card expires and you register it for me, I will send you a new one.

I'm really disappointed in people who contact me, wanting to swap postcards and then I never receive any postcards or hear from them again. I am not the official postcard distributor of the Åland Islands; cards and stamps are quite expensive here :(

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