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About Anja23...

My favourite hobby? POSTCROSSING! =) I hope you have fun writing me a postcard.

I would like to receive postcards with :

- "Greetings from.." cards (or any other card from
- I´m crazy about MINIONS!!! Please give me an extra large smile with a card about the Minions =)
- pictures on them of your city/town you live in.
- Animals are great! Especially exotic ones (owls! dragonflies! squirrels, hedgehogs, koala bear)
- Landscapes (sea, lake, sunshine, waterfalls) - aurora borealis!!!
- space cards meaning planets or stars
- cards with exotic letters (like Chinese writing)
- special national traditions
- lali
- Harry Potter
- Gotochi cards
- moomin
- anything concerning biology and chemistry
- anything with Disney (please no Hello Kitty, don't like it at all...)
- if you have a "royalty" in your country I´d love wedding cards from royal weddings=) or any other royal cards of royal families=)
- anything related to books - writing- postcards - stamps=)
- big Bang Theory, Game of Thrones (be the first to send me one of those!) ;-)
- I looove bugs (like lady bug, but any other would be awesome)!

In July I would love to receive birthday cards=)

In December I´d love christmas cards. Eastern of course easter cards are great or any other seasons greetings cards.

PLEASE if possible send me the card in an envelope (as far as I know it costs the same), but I would looove it if you put something in it (besides the card) that is from your country. Like a piece of newspaper or anything little, a cinema card or other entry cards, anything that has something to do with your country. I would be very thankful!

I collect pressed pennies, bookmarks, magnets and buttons. Maybe you want to get rid of some =)

What ever you send me I´ll be happy to receive a postcard=)and if you don´t know what to write I would love to know what´s your favourite book/movie.
And please write the date on it!
To make it special, tell me a secret (I won´t tell!). =)
I also loooove little stickers as an extra on the postcard;-)

CHINA: Would you teach me one or more "symbols" of your great writing?

I´m always looking for new pen pals (Snail Mail) around the world. Let me know if you are interested =)

Thanks for reading and spending time on writing a card to me=)

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