Angerove, Netherlands

  • Not interested in direct swaps
  • Netherlands, English, German I can read, but my writing is not that good
  • Female
  • 2nd November

About Angela...

Hello I'am Angela,

If you sent me a postcard I WILL BE HAPPY WITH ALL CARDS, but if you want, you may choose from my wishlist:

- Wienerdog or Dachshund or Dackel or Teckel or Sausage-Dog or Doxie!!!! I really would like them.
- Lots of the color PINK.
- Funny/Noughty cards.
- Angels and Fairys.
- Secretary's (I'am one, that is why)
- Kings, Queens, Prins, or Princesse, Minister or someone famous of your country!

PLEASE make a drawing, or put lots of strange things on the card. (stickers, poetry, images or something you cut out of a magazine from your country). Otherwise you can explain me what is to see on the card. Or tell me something about yourself.

Could you please send me the card in a enveloppe? If it's not to much trouble. Typical tourist cards are not my favorites

Voor de Nederlandse postcrossers: Als het kan zou ik heel graag de Nederlandse vlag ontvangen.

Greetings Angela

My avatar is my wienerdog, "Takkie".

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