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About Andréa...

I'm Andrea, 48 years old and math teacher(retired). I have corresponded with people from other countries since my youth. I collect stamps, banknotes, coins, postcards, magnets. I love traveling, reading, writing, caring for plants, cooking, going to the movies and hanging out with friends and family. I love my country, Brazil. It is a very beautiful country, with different regions and characteristics. Tell me a little bit about you, if you can, about the country you live in. The postcard can be sent with envelope or not.

Understand that these are just suggestions to help you in your choice, no one is required to send preferences, this is not the goal of Postcrossing. I'll be happy with any postcards you can send, except erotic or advertising postcards. Postcards Suggestions(If you speak French, Spanish, Italian or Portuguese, write to me in these languages instead of English):

• UNESCO's historical or natural heritage.
• Star Wars, Pride and Prejudice, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, Little Prince, The Chronicles of Narnia, Peter the Rabbit, Snoop, Pooh, The Beautiful and the Beast, Breaking Nuts, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Cinderella, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty,The Little Mermaid,or any fairy tales or fables.
Christmas in November and December.
•Traditions and culture of your country: clothes, dances, flags, maps, etc.
• City views, typical monuments of your country, Churches, Museums.
• Nature and beautiful landscapes, beaches, islands, animals, flowers, volcanoes, mountains, rivers, canyons, waterfalls, sunrise, sunset,etc.
* Petterson and Findus, Totoro, Lali, Blue Cats.
• Series: Greetings from(original or no), Happy Postcrossing, World Travel, FOTW, WOW.
* Postcrossing Meetings
• Beautiful illustrations, Lantern Press.
• Illustrations of: Inge Look, Scott Gustafsson, Elsa Beskov, Mila Marques, Jenny Nystrom, M. Pavlova; Nina Chen, Afremova; N. Tour; O. Ionaitis, Irina Smirnova, Ekaterina Babock, Inga Palzer, Galina Egorenkova, Evgeniya Chistotina,Lena Gnedkova, Nina Chen,etc.
• Mailboxes, books, libraries, headlights;
• Beverages such as coffee, tea and others.
• Maxicards.

I would be very happy with a letter with beautiful stamps on the envelope, and if possible, along with the card, send me something like your country's tea, and I love tea, banknote, magnets, coin, a bookmark or anything else in your country that you found it interesting. Thank you for what you can send! No problem if you can not.

I accept direct exchanges as long as they are taken seriously. Send a message telling you about your interests and we'll match what we can exchange. It will be a pleasure! I have albums on Flickr with postcards I've already received, others from my personal collection and postcards from Brazil for exchange.

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