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About Anarghya...

About me:

You can call me Anarghya

I am Anarghya. i am 15 years old and studying in 10th Grade. I am living in a rural village called Aivarnad of Dakshina Kannada district , Karnataka State of India, a small village with a population of 2000 located in the foothills of Western Ghats, a thick evergreen forest and this is considered as UN heritage site of rich flora and fauna.

I am a girl and a strict vegetarian. I am the lonely child to my parents and I live with my parents. I go to school everyday from my home in school bus. My school is 7 kilometer away from my home.
I like drawing and painting. I am going to drawing classes besides my regular school. I like crafts, quilling, knitting and other craft works. I collect stamps, coins and bank notes and also postal stationary along with my father.

my wish:

In a long run, my interest is to understand international culture through post crossing!!!

You may send any post card or envelope which you feel special for me.

If you wish to send many things at a time, please insert in a envelope and post it. I will be delighted. If possible and not costly, please send me some of the used stamps, low value coins or banknotes or other collectables such as used train or bus tickets, match box covers, or anything which is not pinching your pocket.. If you are sending any of these, even if you are not sending any cards, I will be happy.
If it is troublesome or if you don't have time to send all these, not required.

Please explain the specialty and details of the pictures on the card you are sending; otherwise I will not understand what it is.....You can send the handmade cards too... Anything you send, I will consider them as priceless...

Please try to put the beautiful stamps for posting if possible. Of course, your choice is my choice.

If you are an artist or if you know any craft work and if you can send, I will be happy very much..

In case you know languages other than English, please write something in your languages along with the meanings which will be my pleasure to read them.

If possible, you may add few words about your main food, clothing, occupation, religion of your country, your family members etc.

Please don’t forget to put your signature with date which will be your autograph for me.

I hope you will treat me as your little sister or daughter and send me some of the finest things available in your country.
Hope you will consider me as special and help me in enriching my knowledge whatever the little possible way you can.

Waiting for the best cards, stamps, coins, banknotes or any other collectables and more than all these, yours messages to me, everyday, and I want to show them in my school to friends with pride and also retain them forever. I know all the above things are not possible. Among the above, select anything which will be delightful.

Best Wishes,

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