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About Alyssa...

Hello! =) My name is Alyssa. I love traveling (though I don't get to often), and other cultures are interesting to me, so of course I had to sign up. I can speak basic French, and I know Hangul, but otherwise I only know English. I like learning languages, but I can be lazy about it.

My passion (well, my main one anyway) is weather and I hope to be a meteorologist or someone who works in the environmental field someday. Another passion of mine is extreme sports. I went skydiving for my 16th birthday.

Other than that, I have seven hermit crabs, two cats, and a dog. I'm very shy in real life so it's nice to be able to meet people from all over the world briefly!

I pretty much love all postcards I get, but here's a list of my favorite kinds:

- Weather. I would be very happy to receive a postcard with some type of weather on it, haha. I especially love thunderstorms. Tell me (or draw) what the weather is doing when you write the postcard. :)
- Nature, especially forests, rivers, lakes, and seas.
- Black bears, or any kind of bear. I love bears! Also wolves, coyotes, and foxes.
- Cartoons and animation. (I love Pixar, Looney Tunes, and just general cartoon postcards)
- Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep.
- Old Hollywood movie postcards (1930s, 1940s, and '50s)
- Space/astronomy.
- Postcards that inspire you to go on an adventure. (hopefully that doesn't sound too confusing; basically what I mean is postcards that make you want to go do something or go somewhere) Archaeological sites are one example.
- Small cities or towns.
- Anything from your culture. (festivals, traditions, etc)
- Extreme sports. (skydiving, ziplining, skiing, snowboarding, etc.)
- Quotes
- Flag cards
- New Year cards (my favorite holiday).
- Ludwig II. (odd request, I know, but since stumbling upon a Wikipedia page/article about him one day, I've always been curious about him)

But again, any card you send will be appreciated. =)

If you need an idea for what to write, tell me what you think about the universe or about something that makes you happy. I'm really interested in existential topics, and I like to make people smile so I like to hear about what makes people happy too.