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About Alick...

Höllochen alle zusammen!!!!!
My name is Alick.
I live in Belarus.
I like reading books and learning foreign languages)
My favorite books are Harry Potter and Eragon.I would like to visit all the world.
I will be very happy,if i make friend with people from another countries!
I have account in Facebook
I am Alick Faber))) let's make friends!!!)))
If you have time,please take a look at my preferences,I will be happy if you send me one of them:
-!!!Beautiful scenery in your country
-!!!Card about your country or city
-!!!Landscapes of the place where you are living( Please no cards with tiny little pictures)
- Route 66 and interstate 80 (U.S.A.).
- State cards from Canada and the U.S.A..
- old or vintage cards
-special cards - for Birthday ( in Junuary), Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick Day or another special day in your country
- cute cards
-Harry Potter
-Card with worlds
- Mountains
-with comics)))
- Dragons (if you read Eragon you can understand me)
Please don't send me card with real animals and birds!
I like cute and funny envelops))
If you don't know what to write tell me about you, where you live, what you do, your family, friends or pets. Or maybe just send me a list, tell me your favourites - films, books, TV shows, food, places, names, etc. Or tell me about the postcard, where you got it from, what is the picture, is there a story behind it? :) . If it is not a big problem, please write also something in your own language.
If you speak German, feel free to write in those languages! I'm always working on improving my knowledge.but please accurate hand-writing))

P.S if you can please send me something for my creativity))))For example: stickers or interesting adhesive (decorative)

&If you postcard is expired, write to me and I`ll register it.&

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