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AliceCooperOzzy, United States of America


(or Lynda) is a member in United States of America . She has been a member for over 1 year (379 days).
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  • Languages: English
  • Birthday: 7th September
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About Lynda...

i'm 40 something living in the seattle washington area of united states. I live with my father, or he lives with me, depends on how you want to look at it. It's actually his mother's (my grandma) house, he moved here first to look for work and i moved up here about a year later for the same reason. Now that grandma has passed away it's just the two of us.

i like to crochet, sew, and do some beadwork. I wish I could get back to doing my hobbies but need to get more organized before I start any new projects. Just cannot find the time or motivation to get it done.

i collect lots of different things but mainly shot glasses and anything to do with cats (especially black cats). and yes, at one time i even collected postcards although it's been many years since i've added to that collection.

i'm on disability and don't get out much because of it. so i spend lots of time in the "computer room" on facebook, pinterest, etc. i also like to read, science fiction, fantasy, horror, mainly short stories at the moment. When i listen to music it's heavy metal mostly with Alice Cooper being my favorite artist to listen to.

You can send me any cards,but especially like..

*strange things
*odd things and/or facts
*weird stuff
*any postcard that was off the wall and too odd to send to most people
*surreal art
*shaped cards, shaped stamps
*cats, big cats, little cats, especially like black cats
*pictures of collections (i don't know why a 100 things all related is interesting to look at but it is)
*fantasy & mythology
*map of your country/city
*keep calm cards
*seashells or beach themes
*comics & cartoons
*whatever catches your eye that looks interesting. otherwise i'm open to anything you'd like to send, i'm not too picky. honestly everybody has sent me great cards so far and i'm sure i'll love whatever you send. if i had one major request it would be please no ad cards, however homemade/artist cards are more than welcomed.

if you were to send me a post card and don't know what to write i would love to know what interests you, your hobbies, any pets, what book are you currently reading, what was the last movie you went to see?. i love to know what others are interested in.

personally i never know what to write on my cards i send so lately i've been writing down quotes and sayings that i like. send me your favorite quote if you like, i'm sure i'll enjoy it.

and one last item, don't stress about getting an image of your postcard loaded. I have a scanner at home that I finally learned how to use so I can now scan in images of postcards sent and received.