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About Agata...

My name is Agata. I live in Poland in small town Darłowo. I love painting, drawing, collecting stamps and taking photos.
I was in Berlin (DE), Ostrava and Prague (CZ), Kavarna (BG), Ksamil (AL).

I love all cards, but especially i would like reciving cards related to:
-Cats, moles(animals), butterflies
-National dishes, recipes
-Paintings(i especially like ,,Starry Night'' and ,,The Scream'' )
-,,Krtek”, ,,Pat a Mat”(,,... a je to!”) , just all old Czech cartoons! I love them!
-Anime, manga
-,,Ну, погоди!” (russian cartoon)
-Video games
-Pokemon, ,,The Hobbit'
-Rammstein, Gorillaz, Kiss, The Rolling Stones, Hatari

I'l be very glad if you send to me coin form your country, stamp or stickers ♥ If you're from Russia, i'l be glad if you send me coin or metro ticket!

I'm also interested in exchanging postcards, coins, etc.

IF you're from Iceland or know Icelandic, please, write some translated sentences for me!

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