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About Agnieszka...

I got a postcard from Great Britain with a postman with a wrong ID please write it to me
I got a postcard from Germany with lots of flowers :) without ID. Please write to me.

Hi !

I'm Agnieszka.I live in Bydgoszcz. It's a quite big city in Poland. I'm 21years and study English and German at university. These year I have on German a very intensive basic course. I am still not a fluent speaker of that language but I hope to become soon. I know also some bascis os Russian but I don't know it well. After finishing the first degree of my studies I want to move into medical university and become a nurse or a midwife. In my free time I Iike reading. I love Harry Potter and Annie of green gables - these are books of my childhood. I like also books of Regina Brett. I also listening to music ( me favourite bands are Linkin Park, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons) and spending time with my friends.
I am also keen on volleyball. I love watching matches of that sport:)

Because of studying English and German and I like meeting new people I want to have letter penpals. If you want writing letters with me please write to me message. I will reply :)

I will be happy to receive any postcard for you - with angels, a view of your city, landscapes, animals, flowers, Greetings from ( I have such from Czech Republic, Lithuania, Germany Finland, China and Russia) or with anything else what describes you or a place where you live.
I have birthday in November so you can sending me birthday cards or something connected with Christmas in December :)

If you can, please send me a postcard with an envelope. I'll be very happy if you could send me something from your country, for example a tea bag bus ticket, a coin, receipt or piece of newspaper :)

If you don't know what to write tell me about :
- with which famous person in your country you want to eat dinner?
-supersitions in your country :)
- what you know abuot my country
- a fact about you which is not known by many people
- a thing that you can't live without
- how you celebrate Christmas
-What do you do when catching a cold? Please reveal your special household remedy.
- about your dream from a childhood
- what you have visited in my country
Greetings from Poland ! :)

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