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In the early 80s, I started to keep postcards but didn't do anything with them other than just putting them into a box. In 2007, I did start by putting them into albums. As for postcards being sent to me, I don't have any preferences but would prefer it if you don't put them in an envelope.

Regarding myself, I wrote an auto-biog, which is a wee bit out of date but it can be read on my site, and within that I do have a page about postcards & some are shown. If you know of the board game Diplomacy, you'll equally see that on the site.

If you haven't got time to read my auto-biog, in short I was born in May 1963, have a son called Graeme (29.06.90 - from my first wife). He has two daughters, Chloe Maria Bain (28.12.09) and Lexie Hannah Bain (28.04.11).

In '99 I was assaulted and due to that I had two brain operations with one being a partial lobotomy (took part of my brain, yuk). The effect on me meant I had to, more or less, learn to read, write and speak, but that's life!

Sadly in July '10 my Dad passed on however he was 94 years old and even though we had our tiffs, he was a great Dad. My Mum died from a stroke in May '12 and as bad as that was, if she was still alive 3 weeks later she would have been 93. :-(

To end in good news, Aug '07 Sally and I got married (we started going out with each other in '11) and we happily live near Sudbury, Suffolk, England, even though I'm a Scot but then I do train the Sassenachs to be nice. :-)

In Sep '10 I started a three-year course at University Campus Suffolk (USC), Ipswich, and eventually I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Photography. Since then my career is within photography and picture framing and my site is shown below.

Take care

Ally Bain

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