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-Bille-, Germany


(or Sibylle) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 5 years (2,086 days).
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About Sibylle...

💗Hello postcrossers💗 ,
I'm 60+ years young and I work as an old people's nurse. It's a great job and I💗it very much.
Also I like reading (all free minute), I love to ride my bike as often as possible, listen to music almost always and I also love cooking and baking (haha, and eating).
Since 1996 I'm a vegetarian and since 2011 I only eat vegan food. So if you would like to send me cards with pictures of food please consider this.

And I💗two great B's,💗The Beatles💗and💗Berlin💗 .
If you send me a B-Card I am as happy as a lark!
My Collections:

⚠️ Please, send my cards WRITTEN and STAMPED, NOT in an envelope. Thank you.⚠️

Here are all my received cards:

I have many interests and I think it's very easy to find a card for me that makes me extremely happy. If you send me a card that I don't have yet with *, I sent a card back to you ♥

💗PEACE,Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Feminism, Environmentalism, Social Activism, LGBTI Rights
💗Anne Frank, Rosa Parks*, M.L. King, Nelson Mandela,Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama
💗Bee Gees*, U2, Dire Straits*, Bon Jovi, Patrick Wolf* (the musician, not the footballer)
💗Ad-Cards that matches my wishes are very welcome
💗black&white&colour cards
💗Multiple cards (NI or others)
💗Keep calm.., hearts, I♥cards
💗Flags of the World by Postcardsmarket and other Flag cards
💗Greetings from ... by Postallove and others
💗musical instruments & music related cards
💗Vogue, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Ladybird covers
💗Matt Dinniman, Lali, Where's Waldo
💗Sesame Street,Sendung mit der Maus, Barbapapa, Moomins, Krtek
💗Leonid Afremov, Miro, Niki de Saint Phalle, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring
💗PHQ cards, Maps
💗Polaroid Cards, Dia-Cards
💗Illustrated animals, esp. cats, foxes and owls
💗Books & Reading related cards
💗Cards from my PC and flickr-Favs
💗modern black&white cards with people on it
💗Lighthouses, Bridges, Windmills
💗Coffee, Cakes, Food, Drinks
💗bicycles, mailboxes, umbrellas, telephones
💗BiG Cities: please Illustrations, "by Night", aerial Views and Skycrapers

There's no harm if you don't have a card with one of these motifs.
Please choose another nice card for me 💗 - if possible no tourist card.

The back of the card is also important for me - I would like to read a little bit about you, your daily life, your dreams, your favourite song ....... or write about the monthly writing prompt - I'm very happy about fully written cards 💗

Thank you for reading my long profile down-the-line 😍