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-Bille-, Germany


(or Sibylle) is a member in Germany . She has been a member for over 4 years (1,748 days).
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About Sibylle...

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This Month my greatest wish is to get cards with Typewriters.
This is my little Collection:
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♥ Hello postcrossers ♥ ,
my name is Sibylle, I'm 60+ years young and I work as an old people's nurse. It's a great job and I ♥ it very much.
Also I like reading (all free minute), I love to ride my bike as often as possible, listen to music almost always and I also love cooking and baking (haha, and eating).
Since 1996 I'm a vegetarian and since 2011 I only eat vegan food. So if you would like to send me cards with pictures of food please consider this.

And I ♥ two great B's, ♥♥ The Beatles ♥♥ and ♥♥ Berlin ♥♥ .
If you send me a B-Card I am as happy as a lark!
My Collections:

Here are all my received cards:

What I don't like:
- typical touristic cards
- animals in clothes, weird animal cards
- cards related to war
- quotes and proverbs (except cards from my favourites)
- Meeting-Cards for Forum-RRs

Please, send my cards WRITTEN and STAMPED, NOT in an envelope.

I have many interests and I think it's very easy to find a card for me that makes me happy. If you sent me a card with *, I sent a card back to you ♥

♥ Veganism*
♥ PEACE,Human Rights, Anti-Racism, Feminism, Environmentalism, Social Activism, LGBTI Rights
♥ Anne Frank, Rosa Parks*, M.L. King*, Nelson Mandela,Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dalai Lama
♥ Bee Gees*, U2, Dire Straits*, Bon Jovi, Patrick Wolf* (the musician, not the footballer)
♥ black&white cards with colour accent
♥ Multiple cards (NI or others)
♥ Keep calm.., hearts, I♥cards
♥ musical instruments & music related cards
♥ Vogue, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Ladybird covers
♥ Matt Dinniman, Lali, Where's Waldo
♥ Sesame Street,Sendung mit der Maus, Barbapapa, Moomins, Krtek
♥ Leonid Afremov, Miro, Niki de Saint Phalle, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring
♥ PHQ cards
♥ Maps
♥ Polaroid Cards, Dia-Cards
♥ Illustrated animals, esp. cats and owls
♥ Books & Reading related cards
♥ Cards from my PC and flickr-Favs
♥ modern black&white cards with people on it
♥ Movie Poster
♥ bicycles, mailboxes, umbrellas, telephones
♥ Lighthouses, Bridges, Windmills
♥ Fruits, Vegetables, Coffee, Tea, Cookies, Cupcakes
♥ Cities: Illustrations, "by Night", aerial Views and Skycrapers

If you want to send me to my favourite topics ad-cards or free-cards: DO IT !!!

You can write whatever you want; I would like to hear something about your life, your country, your hobbies or your dreams.
Please let me know what your favourite song or your favourite book is at the moment .

Thank you for reading, Sibylle