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Rooky, Slovenia
Rooky said:
posted over 11 years ago
Can we swap one postcard? I wish the same postcard, like this. I am from Slovenia.

If you interesting here's my email:

Tnx, and wish you a great day!

TiffanyKhor, Malaysia
TiffanyKhor said:
posted over 10 years ago
Hi,I'm Tiffany.From Malaysia.
Im postcrossing user.
And i am very interesting to your country.
I hope can have a post card from you or exchange,can i?
Hope to hearing from u very soon,thanks you.

Name:Tiffany Khor Siaw Ching
Address: 364E, Bagan Selatan,
34250 Tg Piandang,
NorthStarEst, Estonia
NorthStarEst said:
posted over 9 years ago
Interesting postcard!
Greetings from Estonia!
You are welcome to swap with me ;)
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