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BeckyS, United States of America
BeckyS Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted over 3 years ago
This is the 10,000 th Postcrossing postcard that I have sent. I am so delighted that it went to you, Ksenia. Happy Postcrossing!
RozhkiNozhki, United States of America
RozhkiNozhki said:
posted over 3 years ago
Thank you Becky and happy postcrossing!
KaraJean, United States of America
KaraJean said:
posted over 1 year ago
Ten thousand - that's incredible! I so appreciated the postcard I got from you today, Becky! And now 14,000 some! Incredible! :)
gmansocal, United States of America
gmansocal said:
posted over 1 year ago
Just…. Wow
Sylphia, Taiwan
Sylphia said:
posted over 1 year ago
jp40, Brazil
jp40 said:
posted 10 months ago
beer-boy18, Germany
beer-boy18 said:
posted 8 months ago
remixedmediamail, United States of America
posted 8 months ago
That's beautiful 😍
posted 6 months ago
Really a very nice thing that you pursue the hobby best wishes Becky.
sirena59, Netherlands
sirena59 said:
posted 6 months ago
Wow Beccky,
10.000 that is an incredibly amount. Happy postcrossing.
All the best Teresa
mildred40, United States of America
mildred40 said:
posted 3 months ago
I love it! It's so pretty and special at 10K
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