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MadisonRedmon, United States of America
posted over 10 years ago
cool postcard.
bradpete, Philippines
bradpete said:
posted over 10 years ago
Awesome post card
lukketto, Italy
lukketto said:
posted over 9 years ago
Would you like to receive a similar one? Just contact me :)
Winter_Swimmer1, Finland
posted over 9 years ago
wow! I would like to receive card this too :)
keulseweg133, Netherlands
keulseweg133 said:
posted over 9 years ago
Vineta-Andris, Latvia
posted over 8 years ago
Beautiful God made place!I would be happy for a similar card ♥
bardafamily, United States of America
bardafamily said:
posted over 8 years ago
Cool !!!!!!!!!!!!!
kariolga, Ukraine
kariolga said:
posted over 7 years ago
ke bella!!!!
nunoftferreira, Portugal
posted over 6 years ago
very nice
Aaltoska, Finland
Aaltoska Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted over 3 years ago
I have been once in San Marino. Lovely place and high wiews. Card is marvelous.
Partynia77, Germany
Partynia77 said:
posted over 2 years ago
... his first one and only postcard since 8 years... ?
How boring is that?
And how does this work?: to live in Italy and to be registered as a San Marino member at the same time ?????
ChristianJ, United Kingdom
ChristianJ said:
posted over 1 year ago
@Partynia77: Yeah, technically he should be an Italian postcrosser... On his profile he even says that he sends and stamps the postcards in Italy...
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