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kashkaj46, United States of America
kashkaj46 said:
posted 2 months ago
Thanks for your postcard. I have been on the go these past two week visiting grandkids in NY. Today I am accompanying my oldest daughter to Oxford UK where she will be presenting at a global literacy congress. Very proud of her; she was just a kid in the 80’s and lived with me in Recife Brazil where I researched literacy in low income communities.
Wishing you the best of harmony and health,

mari-ar, Netherlands
mari-ar said:
posted 2 months ago
Reading planchette illustrated by Cornelis Jetses, first half of 20th c.
We call it the AAP NOOT MIES method after the first three words. The third word is not the word for cat, but the name of a cat (featuring in accompanying reading books).
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