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Woordenstroomwaanzin, Netherlands
posted over 3 years ago
Leuk detail! Het is exact ! kaart 5.555 die ze verstuurd heeft!
Nice detail! This is card #5555 sent from jess-cee !

Congratulations Jessica en Sara for this special ID!
posted over 2 years ago
😍 Thats pretty cool 😊
Jess-Cee, Netherlands
Jess-Cee Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted over 2 years ago
This ID cost me my sleep: I stayed up that night and at 01:22 hrs Dutch time I got it 😊
Woordenstroomwaanzin, Netherlands
posted over 2 years ago
Special thanks for Sara (SUPER_MARIO) for registering just in time I think.. Otherwise the Finnish would've been the 5555th!
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