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Postcard by Atelier Titi, Tokyo, Japan
subgirl, United States of America
subgirl said:
posted over 9 years ago
I wasn't able to comment on your blog (blogger and iPhones just DO NOT get along, apologies!), but a few of the stamps you posted of this one are of scouting (looks like both boy & girl). The upper left one is definitely an older Girl Scouts one (usually internationally they're called girl guides) the trefoil in the stamp hasn't been used like that in awhile (1980's/90's?), it's a very traditional GS symbol but was redesigned to be smoother at some point and has been used less and less.

There are another two that are definitely scouting related but I can't say for sure as much as the one with the trefoil. If not vintage they may be nostalgic, like a look back at scouting through the years sort of things. I can't tell for sure though.
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