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UROKO HOUSE & OBSERVATION GALLERY  Kobe  The style and design of the Ijinkan is preserved in almost perfect condition, including guest rooms, servant rooms, solariums, bay windows that overhang to let in the sunlight, and fireplaces. 
U_N, Ukraine
U_N Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted 2 months ago
Appearance wrapped in natural stone slate. A Western-style building with a two-story wooden gable roof and black tiled roof by a foreign designer.
The outer wall of the building covered with natural stone slate resembles fish scales, so it is nicknamed "Uroko House" and is popular.
Slate is a type of sedimentary rock called slate, which is a natural stone that has been used for roof tiles and inkstones in Japan for a long time. It is said that the number of slate covering the building is about 3000.
Previously, the central cylindrical tower section led from the second floor to the tower on the third floor with a spiral staircase. From the observation room, traders were watching the arrival and departure of ships loaded with their cargo. While seeing off the ship leaving Kobe Port, he prayed for the safety of the voyage and sometimes thought about his hometown beyond the sea.
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