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y12315259, Japan
y12315259 said:
posted over 12 years ago
Hinomisaki(日御碕灯台)Lighthouse,at Izumo
y12315259, Japan
y12315259 said:
posted over 11 years ago
Izumo Hinomisaki lighthouse stands 43.65 meters high at the tip of Hinomisaki national part. It is the highest stone masonry lighthouse in Japan and registered among the top 100 historic lighthouses of the world. You will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the Japan Sea from the top of the lighthouse. The entrance fee is 200 yen. There is Hinomisaki Shrine near the lighthouse. The carvings of the main hall and other places are beautiful sculptures of traditional subjects such as dragons and tigers, cranes and tortoises and pines, bamboos. The vermillion-lacquered shrine is designated as a nationally important cultural property.
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