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Kamala luonto ("The awful nature") Is a Finnish comic strip written by Jarkko Vehniäinen and Marja Lappalainen and drawn by Vehniäinen.
U_N, Ukraine
U_N Postcrossing Supporter said:
posted 3 months ago
Kamala luonto is a humorous comic strip about nature, starring various wild and tame animals. The animals' behaviour is more like that of real-world animals than is usually associated with humorous comic strips, the animals are noticeably less anthropomorphic. As an example of this, the two main characters, a weasel and a lynx, are predatory animals who enjoy hunting, and various strips show them eating their prey after they have killed it. The strips also involve some toilet humour, word play, breaking the fourth wall and popular culture references, such as to Alien and Garfield

Nowadays Kamala luonto is published in about 20 magazines and is one of the most popular comics in Finland. It is also published in Sweden, Norway and Denmark
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