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I'm preparing my top 50 songs for April, when I hope to turn 50!
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
From each artist / singer is just one song in the list. Otherwise Nina Hagen would have at least named 12 times....

Here is my top 50 for 50 years until my 50th birthday.

1 Shirley 'Easy livin' / It's the only way' 1980 in English, dutch singer. Other song by Shirley that I like is 'Heel Even'

2 Nina Hagen Band 'Naturträne' 1978 in German, german singer. Other songs by Nina Hagen that I like are 'Gretchen', Unbeschreiblich weiblich', 'Zarah', 'New York, New York', more...

3 Diamanda Galás 'Let my people go' 1992 in English, american singer and pianist. Other song that I like is 'Gloomy Sunday'
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
4 Rona Nishliu 'Suus' 2011 in Albanian, Kosovar singer

5 Umm Kulthum أم كلثوم Oum Kalsoum 'Enta omri' or 'Anta omri' or 'Inta omri' or أنت عمري is 'You are (the love of) my life' 1964 in Arabic, egyptian singer
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
6 Long John Baldry '(Walk me out in the) Morning Dew' 1981 in English, brittish singer

7 Les Rita Mitsouko 'Marcia Baila' 1984 in French, france group

8 Ellen Foley 'We belong to the night' 1979 in English, american singer

9 PJ Harvey 'To bring you my love' 1995 in English, brittish singer

10 Tamikrest 'Aicha' 2010 in Tamashek, malinese tuareg group
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
11 Jesus and Mary Chain 'Reverence' 1992 in English, brittish group

12 Chaba Fadela & Cheb Sahraoui 'N'sel fik' 1983 in Arabic, algerian singers

13 Yulduz Usmanova 'I wish you where here' 1995 in English and Uzbek (?), uzbekistan singer

14 Richard Strange & the Engine Room 'Damascus (Dancehalls of Damascus, burn in the shadow)' 1986 in English, english group

15 Grauzone 'Eisbär' 1981 in German, austrian band Edit: switzerland

16 Hedningarna 'Viima' 1999 in Swedisch and Karelian, scandinavian group

17 Falco 'Der Kommissar' 1982 in German, austrian singer

18 Richenel 'L'esclave endormi' 1985 in Frensch, dutch singer

19 ABBA 'Eagle' 1977 in English, swedisch group

20 Massive Attack 'Safe from harm' 1991 in English, english group
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
21 Mattia Bazar 'Ti sento' 1985 in Italian, italian group

22 De jeugd van tegenwoordig 'De formule' 2013 in Dutch, dutch group

23 the Cult 'She sells sanctuary' 1985 in English, english group

24 Apparat Organ Quartet 'Konami' 2010 in Icelandic, icelandic organ quartet

25 Clan of Xymox 'A day' 1985 in English, dutch band

26 Whale 'Hobo humpin' slobo babe' 1995 in English, finnish group

27 Delanos 'Shades of white' 2002 in English, for Hoegaarden commercial

28 Gorki 'Lieve kleine piranha' 1992 in Vlamish, belgium group

29 Jah Wobble 'How much are they?' 1981 in English, english singer

30 Yello 'Bostich' 1980 in English, swiss group
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
31 Blondie 'Atomic' 1979 in English, american band

32 Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds 'Papa won't leave you Henry' 1992 in English, australian singer and band

33 This Mortal Coil 'Song to the siren' 1984 in English, english group

34 Sidestepper 'Logozo' 1999 in English, columbian group

35 Sinéad O'Connor 'Troy' 1987 in English, irish singer

36 Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark 'Enola Gay' 1980 in English, english group

37 Fela Kuti 'Army arrangement (one day ofcourse we must die)' 1984 in English, nigerian singer

38 De Houthakkers (van de Ko de Boswachtershow) 'Mot is dood / zul je niet doodgaan Ko' 1994 in Dutch, dutch group

39 MAM 'Maternité (mam, weet jij nog wanneer ik voor het eerst een boterham met kaas gegeten heb?)' 1986 in Dutch, dutch group

40 the Nits 'Nescio' 1983 in English, dutch group
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 6 years ago
41 dEUS 'Hotellounge (be the death of me)' 1994 in English, belgium group

42 Buffalo Tom 'Taillights fade' 1992 in English, american group

43 Rammstein 'Mein Herz brennt' 2001 in German, german group

44 Patty Pravo 'La bambola' 1969 in Italian, italian singer

45 Anne Clark 'Our darkness' 1984 in English, english singer

46 Magnifico & Turbolentza 'Hir aj kam, hir aj go / here I come, here I go' 2004 in English, slovenian singer and group

47 Sakyong Mipham 'What about me' 2006? in English, indian buddhist teacher

48 Shriekback 'All lined up' 1983 in English, english group

49 New Order 'Thieves like us' 1984 in English, british group

50 Dead can Dance 'Oman' 1994 in Instrumental, english-australian band
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 5 years ago
Not in the list, but listening to those songs make me happy as well

RAF 'Selfcontrol'
P Lion 'Happy Children'
Moon Ray 'Comanchero'
Willy Sarphati 'Ik zit op een kameel'
De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig 'Watskeburt'
HM, Netherlands
HM said:
posted over 3 years ago
Mick Jagger 'Angel in my heart'
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