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Tentacion, Russia
Tentacion said:
posted over 10 years ago
I am ready to wait so lond to receive such amazing card!
Mihelic, Slovenia
Mihelic said:
posted over 9 years ago
Wow, amazing!
Shirin_Z, Kazakhstan
Shirin_Z said:
posted over 8 years ago
I want IT!!! Hello all users! My name is Shirin,I am from Kazakhstan,Shymkent.I like to exchange postcard with you.Do you agree?My adress
Ziro Shirin Araz
Ulica Baitursynova dom 73,
kvartira 29
Give me your adress,and I will send to you beauthiful card fromn Shymkent!I hope you say YES and we became great friends!^__^
Enjoy the summer!
Kaiserin22, Argentina
Kaiserin22 said:
posted over 8 years ago
such a wonderful card
NataliyaM, Ukraine
NataliyaM said:
posted over 6 years ago
Mati-Mateusz, Poland
Mati-Mateusz said:
posted over 2 years ago
I love this card!!!!! Wow fantastic!😬:-)
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