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Postcard AG-6

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Antigua,West Indies,Tropical island sunset
Antigua,West Indies,Tropical island sunset
airiinkeri56, Finland
airiinkeri56 said:
posted over 7 years ago
Wonderful postcard.I like it very much!!
murilosimoesc, Brazil
posted over 7 years ago
that's an amazing card! I really would like to exchange postcards with you!
sergioadriana, Italy
posted over 7 years ago
splendoured card! i would be happy to swaps with you.ciao
xQ-se7en, China
xQ-se7en said:
posted over 7 years ago
Do you want to swap the postcard with me?I am a girl from China and I like the postcard very much.I am looking forward to receiving your message:)
Winter_Swimmer1, Finland
posted over 7 years ago
Perfekt, just amazing postcard :)
CaresseSurLocean, United States of America
posted over 7 years ago
Very pretty colours and scene!
Marionete, Lithuania
Marionete said:
posted over 7 years ago
And this is the only postcard from Antigua & Barbuda!
Bobsinblack, Belgium
Bobsinblack said:
posted over 7 years ago
Nice postcard ^^
bradpete, Philippines
bradpete said:
posted over 7 years ago
Very nice tropical island in Atlantic.
postcard_in_journey, Poland
posted over 7 years ago
fairytale89, Finland
fairytale89 said:
posted over 6 years ago
Wow! So beautiful postcard <3
vero33, France
vero33 said:
posted over 5 years ago
would you agree to an exchange with me
Stelzi, Germany
Stelzi said:
posted over 4 years ago
Great view! This postcard is perfect for my collection. I want to have also so a postcard sooooo much.
giraffenaffen, Germany
posted over 3 years ago
I love it.
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