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(or Yana) is a member in Norway Norway. She has been a member for over 2 years (1063 days).
Distance Sent: 1,347,828 miles
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Speaks: English, Norsk, Russian, some French
Birthday: 16th January
Interested in direct swaps: Yes

37th on most postcards sent from Norway
30th on longest distance sent from Norway

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About Yana...

Hello and welcome to my profile! I am very excited about the postcard you are going to send me. I take good care of each postcard and I appreciate it when there's a personal touch.

I love dogs! I had irish setter earlier! If you find me a postcard with irish setters I would be more than grateful! I would also be glad to receive a postcard with cocker spaniel! We are thinking of having such a small friend in our family.

If possible, put your postcard in envelope! I like neat unwritten postcards! But I don't expect every single postcard to be sent this way.

I have quite a wish list and I really hope you could find something for me:

* traditional costumes

*contemporary art

* cultural heritage of your country

* Winnie-the-Pooh, Mickey Mouse

* Mystical characters (for ex.,trolls. Or other from folklore)

* fashion (but no commercials please)


I don't like multiviews and typical tourist postcards if it is ok for you.

Those from Ukraine and Belorussia, please write me in your language rather than Russian.

Si vous parlez français, écrivez-moi en français s'il vous plaît!

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