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Hey there!
I'm Vanessa and I live togehter with my boyfriend. I love summer, holidays, my cat and my 2 dogs. I drive a "Mini One" and I love this car, and of course I like postcards with it, no matter if it's old or new model :-)

I like postcards in / with
- black and white,
- cute, sweets cartoon/comic cards (many examples in my favorites :P)
- "Die Sendung mit der Maus"
- Sailer Moon, Pokémon
- Pixar, Disney (Winnie Pooh♥, The Lion King♥)

And I reeeeally love animals, especially:
- zebras
- cats
- foxes
- elephants
- (polar) bears!
- big dogs or puppies (Akita/Shiba Inus, Huskies!!♥)

When you like, you can put little stickers on the card or (try to) draw one of my favorite animals on it. It is always a nice suprise!

I'm happy about every postcard, so don't worry if you can't find anything :-)
But please no free Add-Cards! :o

If you don't know what to write, I really like to read about what you have dreamed last night or what your biggest wish is (when it's not too privat of course). Or maybe you tell me what your last meal was :-D

Happy Postcrossing!

(Do you come from America? If you have the Pixar UP stamp, please put it on my postcard. This would be sooo great! ♥)

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