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I have a little request: if you want to send me a postcard in return please mention your nickname or the ID where it all started with. I have signed in for other exchanges, so sometimes it's a big puzzle where it came from. Thank you in advance!

I'd like to introduce myself:
I have a relationship and we have 2 teenage children (a girl and a boy)
I have a partime-job.

I'm interested in (at the moment Scandinavian) detectivebooks and -series, Desperate Housewives and Friends, cooking (when a have a little bit more time.....) and attracting my perfectly black cat.

I'm fond of Yarn Bombing. I'm curious if you can find a card with that item.

I like to travel. Until now I've never been outside Europe (although, it's a long way from the northern part of Norway to Crete), but who knows in the future?

Because of my job (I deliver mail 4 days a week) you'll make me happy with postcards of letter-boxes, pillar boxes, postmen or -women and every other item which has to do with this subject.
It will be a beginning of a big collection!

I also like to have cards of:
- animals (especially cats and owls)
- landscapes (send one of your own village/town/country)
- flowers/trees etc. in an artistic way
- (narrow) streets in ancient villages
- still life of doors, windows, flowerpots
- food
- Anna Hollerer
- Fauna of Belarus. Can you complete the series?

And when you want to please my husband: he's interested in inland shipping/waterways.

I don't like:
- cards with animals with hats/glasses etc

I always put my complete address on my cards.
Not because I want you to send one back, but in case something goes wrong in delivering. So my collegues can send it back again ;)

I'm looking forward to your cards!

Happy Postcrossing!!!

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