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Hi - I am Simona from Germany. I'm from Mayence wich is located at the Rhine-River. I like reading, travelling, historical movies and many other things.
If you send me a picture postcard of your city or your country I would be happy - but of course you can choose another Motive.
I also like Oldtimer (especially Cars from the 1950's til 1980's), airplanes, airships, balloon aircraft - and funny/sarcastic motives like you can see at my favorites...

Feel free to send what you like: even selfmade or Freecards/Adcards are welcome :-)

It also would be nice if you write something in your own language (please with an english translation) and maybe a little bit about yourself, because I am interested in other cultures.
Happy Postcrossing !!! :-)

P.S.: Sorry - but mostly I can only register your cards at weekends. So please don't worry, if the registration (especially from european/german-cards take a few days longer. Please give me a Message with the ID-Number, if i haven't registered your card in time. I will check it out straight away :-)

expired cards:

DE-771632 - 29.Nov. 2010 to: yutianboy / china
DE-876528 - 29.März 2011 to: someend / china
DE-911955 - 07.Mai 2011 to: poeticgoddss / usa

Thea from Netherlands and Oksana from Ukraine - sorry, I couldn't register your card. You forgot to write the ID. If you send it to me - I will register straight away :-)

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