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I am a grandmother with three grandchildren: a girl, born in 2005 and her little twin-sisters, born in June 2012. I like all kinds of things to do with hands, handicrafts. (Most of all I like to do something about buttons!) And also I want to know the ways of living in countries so far away from Finland. I have not traveled so many countries, so I should like to see on postcards:

- mailboxes
- map cards - wild animals
- flowers and birds
- ships, aero-planes
- cats and dogs
- MAGIC EYES - cards
- mothers/grandmothers/grandfathers with children (animal-mothers
with their babies, too)
- presidents of any countries

If you don´t know what is a card I like, please look at my wall of favourites or send a card you like best.
But any card you send to me is a lovely surprise, it makes my day. And please, something written in your own language, and translating to English, thank you.

Kimmo Pälikön tuotantoa minulla on vain menneiltä vuosilta, samoin on vajavainen Osmo "Omppu" Omenamäki-korttien valikoima, varsinkin pääsiäisaiheiset. Virpi Pekkala on ykkössuosikki,sauna-aiheisiakin haluaisin.

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