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Hello I from Taiwan~,

OH~I Find a card recently
(Friedrich von Amerling "Wrapped up in Dreams")
and I LOVE it very much
If someone sent me it~I will have great fun!!

My interest is mountain climbing and hiking!

Prefer card is~
-Graceful or handsome(dignified) animal
-Beautiful person
-Illustration、Printmaking card or Oil painting(ex.Mucha、Gustave Doré、Prediction、fairy tales。)
-Have Humanities characteristic types card (ex.Aboriginal people+totem、Place rite。)
-Your city/country landscapes、mountain+village、statue、castle、monument、Church or temple(Can display history or culture in there)
-Color variegated 、brilliant card
-Any card you think is so special or cool~

Please a little introduce~
It is only suggestions,all up to you what you like to send me(but please no advertising (AD) cards )

Variety stamp is good!

My English need more practice =.=,sorry

Happy postcrossing~

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