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(or Sigríður) is a member in Iceland Iceland. She has been a member for over 6 years (2406 days).
Distance Sent: 1,746,607 miles
Last Seen: over 1 year ago
Speaks: icelandic, english, greek (mono ligo, but I'm trying to learn ^^ )
Birthday: 29th March 1984 (30 years old)
Interested in direct swaps: No

7th on most postcards sent from Iceland
7th on longest distance sent from Iceland

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About Sigríður...

I am a 29 years old kindergarten teacher from Iceland. My job at the kindergarten is to train a 4 year old autistic boy. I love the job, even though it is very challenging.

My hoppies are mostly classical music and cats. :) I have 3 cats, one Maine Coon, one Ragdoll and one housecat. All of them very sweet with unique personalities. :) I also play World of Warcraft when I have free time. ;)

I have found out through this project that the cards I like the most are animal cards, especially cats! :) (I have a special wall in the living room full with the cat postcards I have received!!) But any card is welcome and just finding a postcard in my mailbox when I come home from work makes my day. ^^

In March birthday cards are welcome! :D

I also really love beautifull stamps and nice stickers. :) I'd also be really gratefull if I get small things with the card, like a coin, brochure, tea bag or something that's typical for your country. :) It's a real treat when I get to open a envelope and not only see a beautiful card but also something special from that country. I absolutely love it! :)

If you're unsure what to write, write about cats. :) If you own one, tell me about it. :) If your friend owns one or if you just know one, tell me about it. :) I really love reading about cats from all over the world. :)

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