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Hello postcrossing friends!

I'm so excited to receive postcards from you. :)

If you could send postcards with sports stuff/sports icons on them, that would be the best thing ever! Hockey and Formula 1 are my #1 favorites! but I like all sports stuff. Even if it's just to write "go "MY LOCAL TEAM" in your language (english included)!

I'd love if you could tell me a little about yourself on the postcard, too - what you love about where you live.

Other things I like:

- map cards
- metro/subway cards
- funny cards (even if the jokes don't translate well to english!)
- cards made from photos you've taken (i've gotten a few of these and they're really neat!)

I'm also trying to learn french (and german) so if you speak french or german and want to write me a postcard in your language and/or do a direct swap, I'm up for it!

Check my website out to find out a little more about me!

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