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(or Rory) is a member from Ireland Ireland. He has been a member for over 2 years (1041 days).
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Birthday: 17th December 1981 (32 years old)
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Dear Postcrossers!

A little about me: Well my name is Rory, I live in Dublin just 20 mins from the city centre where I spend my time working in Traditional Print, Ceramics & sculpture and all forms of art. In my spare time I like to go to theatre, museums, galleries, exhibitions and antique markets, they are always full of interesting little old things, I dream of stumbling across a piece of undiscovered treasure! :) I collect stickers. I like cafe's, world/new cinema or parks with friends. Im interested in nature, science, psychology and history documentaries and I also love to cycle, so I cycle everywhere!

I will be happy with any postcard but If you happen to have any of the following in your stash of outgoing mail im also interested in :

I collect PORTRAIT postcards ( of anybody )

postcards containing chairs!

Art (all types old and modern)

Pin-Ups, Love em!

Soviet / German propoganda

Strange unusual or vintage postcards :)

Flowers (sorry flowers, your cool but not on a postcard)
Babies (maybe in a few years)
Humor (silly or "wacky" postcards)
Modern Adverts (unless its a movie poster)

★ Happy Postcrossing ★

Im open to direct swaps! , Just drop me a message. (I collect postcards unwritten too, so if you like you can just pop it in an envelope & Ill do the same) If you would like to see what I have to offer check out the link at the top of this page or I can just surprise you ! :)

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